Lineweaver School Council
School Council:
A group of individuals from our school community that assists in making decisions about the direction of the school. The School Council is made up of the principal, faculty representatives (both certified and non-certified), parents and a community representative. The shared decision making team discusses and decides issues that effect the school. All decisions must comply with federal and state laws and TUSD policy.
Some of the issues for the shared decision making team are:
Instructional Map (301 Goals)
Strategies for improving student achievement
Programs offered at the school
Ways to improve the programs at the school
Ways to bring more community support to the school
Interviewing potential employees of the school and deciding who will be hired
Distribution of undesignated Tax Credit Monies
All are Welcome!
Please know that even if you are not on the site team, you are always welcome to our meetings. 
Meeting Schedule
School Site Council Team
School Site Council Minutes
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