Lineweaver School Counselor
What does an Elementary school counselor do?

School counselors follow the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) National Model. We are very proactive  as well as responsive to our students. Below describes briefly how we support students and families at Lineweaver.

Counselor Lessons Taught Schoolwide

Each class receives counseling lessons in their classroom every other week. These lessons include topics such as: problem solving skills, coping strategies,  conflict resolution strategies, how to make friends and be a good friend.  All grade levels are taught age-appropriate social interaction skills which includes how to handle unkind interactions, bothering versus bullying, and internet safety. Character building, and social emotional developmental skills are addressed throughout the year.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to ask their child what they have learned from their class counseling lesson. Talking with your child at home can help them recall what has been taught as well as  offers more opportunities to practice the skills and strategies.

Small Group Counseling

These groups are for students that can use some additional small group assistance. Groups form based on the type of needs. Examples include: Changing Families, Strong Emotions, Friendship Building, Grief and Loss, Self-Esteem. These groups meet for 8 weeks, one day a week, for 30 - 45 minutes. Students are responsible for making up any work they missed during that time away from class. Parent/guardian permission is required for a student to attend a group. Permission slips are sent home with students. Please check your child’s backpack regularly for these notices and other classroom/school communication.

Individual Counseling

School counselors do see students individually as necessary. Parents, teachers, staff can refer a student to the counselor. Students themselves can request to see the counselor.  School counselors see students individually to provide solution focused, short term support. School counselors are not able to provide on going therapy for students in accordance to the National and Arizona School Counseling Association model.

Crisis Response

In times of crisis or significant concern, counselors may meet with students individually for additional support.  If your child or family needs more support then what the school counseling model can offer, a list of outside agency and community resources is available upon request. Or you can contact Arizona 211  directly for referrals. Families with insurance may consider contacting their insurance company for in network providers.