School Photos
February 15 was an exciting day at Lineweaver – guest readers visited Ms. Valenzuela and Ms. Christianson's classrooms for the African American Student Services Department Read-In event, while in Ms. Rachakonda's 1st grade class, a student took their new puppy in for Show & Tell. The bulldog puppy, named Oso, couldn’t wait to lick and chew on everyone and everything. It may look like he caused a slight disruption, but overall playing or petting a dog is a great way to reduce stress. Oso’s visit was super quick, but we’re sure some classmates would love to have him visit again.
First grade students gather around to pet Oso, the bulldog puppy!
A guest reader holds up her book to show the students she's reading to
Oso the bulldog puppy takes turns licking students!
A guest reader reads a picture book to students
Oso the bulldog puppy gets ready to give puppy kisses!